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    Numis Network Overview With The Founders


    by lewie3rd

    8 views - I don't know if you're pushing juice, pills, vitamins, or what, but I'm telling you the whole world is trying to figure out how to get more money, not spend it on "stuff"... That's why people are cancelling their auto-ship for your product... That's why nobody is buying $40 bottles of juice... That's why people are hocking stuff just to eat... The local pawn shop is EXPLODING with customers trying to get rid of their jewelry because they know that silver and gold is blazing hot... If you need money and so does your neighbor, then why not sell the very thing that you BOTH need? Why not sell money? Seriously! The Wealthy collect assets and everyone else collects debt. Which are you? I'm inviting you to learn more and join our team... Get the UPS man to deliver some silver and gold right to your front door...