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    Israel Exhibits X-ray Vision for Special Purposes


    by NTDTelevision

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    Israeli high-tech company Camero is making it possible to see through a wall. The company developed special equipment called ‘xaver’ (pron. Saver), which can detect anything behind an object or obstruction.

    [Amir Beeri, Camero Chief Technical Officer]:

    "We developed a system that provides vision through a wall, and is giving an evaluation of what's going on behind the wall. We developed two kinds of systems — very accurate equipment and portable equipment."

    The technology is similar to radar equipment that can track objects from a distance.

    [Amir Beeri, Camero Chief Technical Officer]:

    "The system is built on the principle of the radar operation; it sends signals and deciphers signals. We use ultra wide band technology with high resolution that can detect objects of small sizes through a barrier.”

    [Amir Beeri, Camero Chief Technical Officer]:

    "At the system’s core there is a very complex software algorithm that we developed for interpreting data.”

    Not just anyone can buy the equipment. The company sells it only to states allowed by the Defense Israeli Minister. Special police forces have already been using the technology and find it helpful.

    In Mexico City, Xaver was used to rescue a kidnapped 19-year-old girl. Using the advanced system, special forces saw the very moment that the girl was alone in a room. The operational team seized the moment to enter the building and rescue her.

    [Amir Beeri, Chief Technical Officer, Camero]:

    "Without the system it wouldn't have been possible to see what’s going on in the house.”

    Xaver might be used by armed forces around the world sometime in the not too distant future.

    NTD News, Israel.