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    Colombian Forces Kill 12 Rebels from Feared Group


    by NTDTelevision

    Colombian forces succeeded in bringing down the base of a notorious rebel group, responsible for drug trafficking and violence in the country. 12 rebels were killed in the latest attack.

    Colombian troops attacked a guerrilla camp belonging to the rebel group FARC or Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. 12 rebels were killed in the attack on Wednesday.

    [Gabriel Silva, Defense Minister]: (Male, Spanish)
    "It is clear that we have, at this moment, three hours after the commandos arrival to the jungle, a very positive result. The terrorist's center of operation has been dismantled, there are 12 dead based on the first report."

    Troops uncovered a rebel base capable of supporting 100 guerrillas in southern Caqueta province, a key corridor for cocaine smuggling.

    The attack was the latest setback for the FARC. The group has been hit hard by President Uribe's U.S.-backed military offensive to end Latin America's oldest-surviving insurgency.

    The FARC has been weakened from losing some of its key leaders. But the group survives in the remote areas.

    Colombia’s armed forces has become more trained and equipped to handle the guerrillas who financed their operations by trafficking cocaine.