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    Complete powerbands Pack


    by aussiekettlebells

    49 views This is the hamburger with the lot. This pack includes our professional pack, agility band, band handles and door jams in one. It really is everything you need. Our lovely receptionist was getting swamped with phone calls from customers asking, "what is the best power band for me?". Hardly a day went by when she wasn't getting a question about our bands. But there's really no easy way to answer that question. Because... ... power bands can be used for an entire range of exercises, rehabilitation, stretching and strength applications. There is no limit to how you can use them. And, it also depends how you apply each band for your needs. While some people will use them traditionally, more adventurous athlethes like to double them up, loop 'em and rig them in a variety of ways. While others like to use the band handles and door jams. This gives you thousands of different combinations that will help you get what you're looking for. No wonder our receptionist was confused. So we've put all of our bands in one pack. There's no more confusion and... ... if you're not sure what to buy then this Power Band Pack makes your decision easy - you'll get everything you need in the one order and at the same time. You're free to try, experiment and play around with the full range until you find exactly the right application. Power Bands are one of our best sellers and this product is ideal for those that don't like stuffing about. If you're not sure what you need then this Power Band Pack has your name all over it. Here's what you'll receive: Pair of Super Mini Bands Pair of Mini Bands Pair of Small Bands Pair of Medium Bands Pair of Large Bands Pair of Monster Bands One Agility Two-Metre Band Pair of Band Handles Pair of Door Jams Yep, it's the complete pack. Go for it.