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    Watch Movie Red Dawn (Full,HD movie)


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    Scene from the 1984 film Red Dawn Download free Movie Created at the height of the Cold War along with other cherished films about the much-feared invasion of the U.S. by Commies, like Amerika. Little did we know that the USSR was a weak child by this point, which makes this film an even greater guilty pleasure. There are some glitches in the vid from the conversion process, since this came from a DVD copy from the late 90s, but they are few and far between. Best of all, this films is a whos-who of young actors just before they reached their prime later in the 80s. Kinda like the Brat Pack, only this group packs Kalashnikovs. Next installment for Red Dawn. FYI, the reference to "AA" in the subtitles means Anti-Aircraft guns, not Alcoholics Anonymous. As you'll see, subtitles did not carry over in the conversion process, so I added them back in...but with a modern re-interpretation...heh heh.