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Watch Percy Jackson And The Olympians The Lightning Thief Full Movie Free Online Life changes in an instant for troubled 12-year-old Percy Jackson (Lerman) when he learns his birth father is the god Poseidon and he's looped in on a cross-country mission to settle a feud between his dad, Zeus, and Hades. Logan Lerman ... Percy Jackson Sean Bean ... Zeus Uma Thurman ... Medusa Pierce Brosnan ... Chiron Kevin McKidd ... Poseidon Alexandra Daddario ... Annabeth Chase Rosario Dawson ... Persephone Catherine Keener ... Sally Jackson Steve Coogan ... Hades Jake Abel ... Luke Serinda Swan ... Aphrodite Joe Pantoliano ... Gabe Ugliano Melina Kanakaredes ... Athena Chelan Simmons ... Silena Beauregard Christie Laing ... Aphrodite Girl Brandon T. Jackson ... Grover Underwood Erica Cerra ... Hera Luke Camilleri ... Dionysus Stefanie von Pfetten ... Demeter


I finally found the HD movie >>>


Great movie

By Clubrocker5 September
found a free and working link to watch it at theatersneak.com/movie/24-percy-jackson-the-olympians-the-lightning-thief (confirmed)
By jestercrab 5 years ago
Hey, I found a place where you can find the movie! It's at: http://www.limbler.com/percy-jackson-the-olympians-the-lightning-thief.html

I just watched it through there, actually, and I really liked it :) Anyways, enjoy.
By jacobneldson 5 years ago