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    Ylan Anoufa Haute Couture Show

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    Wednesday 27th of January 2010, Jazz Club Etoile, Hotel Meridien Etoile

    Born in Paris and raised in France Ylan Anoufa was very much influenced by his grand-father who was a tailor.As a young boy Ylan discovers his talent for art and fashion, at only sixteen years old Ylan Anoufa designs his first jean collection that was sold in Paris stores such as " The Killiwatch" Being adventurous Ylan decides to move to New York and at 18 years old becomes the Head Creative Designer of GTFM Group (Fubu Us Collection, Drunky Monkey, Coogi, Kappa, Heatherette and Willy Esko)... In his twenties he designs for the mark Seven Jeans and later he Co-funds for the brands Ziami and MuscariiIn 2008, Fashion TV appoints Ylan Anoufa as the Head Designer of Fashion TV Clothing Line. Today Ylan Anoufa is back to Paris his homeland where he has installed his studio ylanjeans.

    The " LA DECADENCE COLLECTION SPRING SUMMER 2010" was presented 27th of January at the Jazz Club Etoile of Meridian hotel Paris

    The first collection of Ylan Anoufa was shown during the Paris Haute Couture Week. LA DECADENCE COLLECTION showcased a sexy line that oozed with that carefree lifestyle teamed with big wild hair. The collection included some cool woven, hand-painted large handbags and dresses, a lot of chains that adorned loose fitting style. The talented designer has a sincere desire to see women return to the truth in themselves as women, expressed through what they wear. Ylan Anoufa brought a new fresh look into haute couture: sophisticated, multipurpose clothes, glamorous delights.
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