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    2001 New York -11.Sep.The attack - shortfilm by Uwe Kampmann

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    Uwe Kampmann

    von Uwe Kampmann

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    New York 2001 - 11th. september The USA are attacked. Airplanes bring the New Yorker twintowers from the World Trade Center down. This day will remain in the brain of people around the world even when we are no more alive. On the 11 th.september 2001 at least 2996 people have lost their lifes, because politics has not been abel to make the world to be a peacefull place. 15th, september, three days later the movie was ready. Two weeks later it was to see on the lokal TV station "Offener Kanal" (open channel) from Frankfurt - Offenbach am Main in Germany. Since than, this film was seen from many people. The music was also done from the filmmaker Uwe Kampmann and the Cyberorchestra Mainhattan Airport. It was an extremly low budged production. Please let my know how do you feel about this movie. Sincerly Uwe Kampmann