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    DIY Wind Generator Plans - How to Build A Wind Turbine


    by mah32960

    3 164 views This short 3 minute video that gives you a TOUR of earth4Energy’s Wind Generator Guide and Video. FREE REPORT At end of video. Are you looking for an expert guide to help you build your own DIY wind generator? With earth4Energy’s how to build wind generator videos and various manuals you will be able to build a do it yourself wind generator quickly and easily. I like this design over other PVC wind turbine blades. This design is more aerodynamic and works the air better than others that I have seen. Using PVC blades, you can make a powerful wind generator that is very inexpensive; while at the same time can save you a ton of money on your electricity bills. Not only is this a VERY cool thing to do, but it is also the green thing to do. You can even make several like I plan to do and even make cash by sending power back to the power grid. I have checked out several guides on wind generators and Earth 4 Energy has the most professionally put together windmill information that I have come across to date. Making a wind mill is easy, even for the first timer. Anyone with simple tools set can construct it in just a few days.