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    New King Penguin Chick at Edinburgh Zoo


    by NTDTelevision

    This season’s late newcomer is the first in five years for the zoo. As there are only two King penguin females only two eggs were laid this season but one got broken.

    [Roslyn Talbot, Head Keeper of Penguins]:
    “The Kings are very important for the zoo. They are part of our emblem we’ve had them basically since the zoo opened and we’ve always had a good breeding record. We were the first zoo to breed King penguins in captivity and so its been really important, as I said, they’ve not been breeding so well so it was just great to have a King chick.”

    The Edinburgh Zoo has been famous for this particular species since the first chick was born in 1919. The newborn has received a lot of interest.

    [Member of Edinburgh Zoo]:
    “The penguins are definitely the thing the girls want to see when they come. I think that it’s such a fantastic enclosure. It’s absolutely huge, they can watch the penguins jumping off into the water, swimming underneath the water, they can walk across the bridge, its fantastic. They really love the penguins.”

    Conservation is high on the agenda of the zoo’s owners, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

    [Roslyn Talbot, Head Keeper of Penguins]:
    “Whenever we have any of the penguin chicks it’s good for school classes to come in and see just how the penguins live. It promotes the penguin in the wild as well, when people can come to the zoo and see them here in the zoo they have an interest for them in the wild and they will take an interest in the more endangered species as well.”

    The King penguin is the animal in the zoo with the most adopters and has a life span of about 20 years.

    Stefan Byfield, NTD, Edinburgh, Scotland