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    Chinese Lawyer Talks About China’s “Great Firewall”


    by NTDTelevision

    Xu Beifang is a lawyer living in the United Kingdom. Like many mainland Chinese living abroad, he’s concerned about the Chinese regime’s “Great Firewall” Internet blockade. Because of the firewall, his friends in China often can’t read the emails he sends them.

    [Xu Beifang, Lawyer]:
    “What does the Communist Party fear the most? The truth. Their motive behind blocking the Internet is precisely to block the truth. Once the day comes when they can no longer block the Internet, they will also no longer be able to maintain their regime, which relies on lies.”

    Recently, U.S.-based search engine Google announced it would no longer operate a censored search engine in China and may be forced to pull out of the country.

    Several years ago, Mr. Xu was thrown in prison in China for taking on labor rights cases. And he says that if Google could operate an uncensored search engine in China, it would have a great effect—transforming many aspects of Chinese society, including the legal system and the political system. Changes the Chinese regime doesn’t want to see.

    Google CEO Eric Schmidt reaffirmed Google’s position when speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Friday. He emphasized that Google liked China, but stated: “We just don’t like the censorship.”

    Ben Hedges, NTD News, London.