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    Audience Calls Shen Yun "Phenomenal" in Jacksonville


    by NTDTelevision

    Shen Yun Performing Arts held two shows at the Times-Union Center for Performing Arts in Jacksonville, Florida over the weekend. Audience members called the performances phenomenal.

    [Mr. Roberts, Audience Member]:
    "We are just having a wonderful time. The beauty of the dance. The precision of the dance is phenomenal."

    [Srini Kishore, Audience Member]:
    "The back projections were simply phenomenal, particularly the animations where the angels appear and angels appear in physical form. That transition was simply superb."

    [Jessica Decker, Dancer]:
    "You can just feel it when they are dancing. Their emotion and everything. It’s very powerful."

    [Rabi Warford, Audience Member]:
    "It was flawless. Like when they threw the napkins in the air and would catch them and stuff like that. So there was a lot of discipline involved in that."

    Many in the audience also enjoyed the message behind the show.

    [Barbie Warford, Audience Member]:
    “By standing up for what you believe in and your values as a person. And that we all came from one creator.”

    [Cindy Canparlengo, Audience Member]:
    "The message behind it was very, very enthralling. I was very touched."

    [Troi Roberts, Audience Member]:
    "They have a lot of meaning in life and you kind of take that to heart."

    NTD News, Jacksonville, Florida