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    Michael Cull.

    by Michael Cull.

    This sees me reverting to my "roots" and doing what I first did in
    the musical world even before I left school: playing piano in a
    band. These clips show me helping out Geoff, a life-long musical
    friend/rival, when he was stuck for a keyboard player to play for
    a "gig" at an "old folks" home on the outskirts of Taunton
    (Somerset) UK. I apologise for the slightly "out-of-sync" audio on
    some of the tracks, and also for my apparent heavy-handiness on
    the keyboard. I do actually have a very light touch but,
    unfortunately the keyboard was sitting on a makeshift stand on a
    lightly-sprung timber floor. At times, the keyboard managed to
    bounce off the stand and onto my knees! After some persuasion I
    eventually agreed to join the band, which is now called
    "Swingtime". Anybody wanting to book us within UK just needs to
    contact Geoff on 01823 412999. More videos can be found on