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    Earthquake Detecting Robot Invented


    by NTDTelevision

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    A group of engineering students in India's western Gujarat state have developed an earthquake-sensing robot, which can detect an earthquake three hours in advance.

    [Hiren Patel, Student]:
    "I have made a robot called the Earthquake Detector Robot. When the earth starts vibrating, the robot senses it and reports the danger in advance. The information can help avoid any unfortunate destruction caused by the earthquake."

    Two transmitters and one receiver have been fixed in the robot.

    The transmitter's circuit is kept inside the earth, which senses the temperature of the earth, water and also water levels. It transmits the information through microwave frequencies.

    After sensing the temperature and water level, the robot, with the help of micro-controller senses the vibration in the earth and gives off an alarm.

    The robot can be operated from any corner of the country with the help of the Internet.

    Nearly 30-thousand people were killed in Gujarat state itself in the Bhuj earthquake on January 26, 2001.