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by TexasBlonde

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Racist? What a wrong tree you are barking up. Just WHO in the frick do you think you are talking to young lady?When was the last time YOU heard someone order up horsemeat?IT IS NOT NOT our AMERICAN culture to eat our pets.It must stop. TB
By TexasBlonde 7 years ago
this digusting thing made me lose my appetite.How could they do this to a harmless and innocent creature?how can they live with themselves knowing that they slughtered a living, breathing mammal?some people sure do have the audacity to do such mindless and ruthless things.those people i find to be quite disgusting...and texasblonde i think you need to stop with your racist comments because many people in AMERICA do eat horse meat...pig meat...and all other meats...either way animals are being slaughtered to satisfy a persons appetite...know the facts first.
By Lasaligi Herry 7 years ago
some countries complain about AMERICA until they need us TO SAVE THEIR ASSES.Texas
By TexasBlonde 9 years ago
rafaslash,did you know horsemeat contains many deadly chemicals? also horses have a horrible veneral disease. yuck.You might get relly sick from it. TexasBlonde
By TexasBlonde 9 years ago
rafaslash, you should be ashamed of yourself!!!!
By Shannon DeGrazier 9 years ago
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