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    Giovanni Marradi - Lifetime

    C. Istvan

    by C. Istvan

    Comes from Alps's Swiss Giovanni orchestra, resembles the imaginary fresh natural music by like the dream, is famous the musical world, its music by the broad sound field, the lifelike sound effect, the insightful acoustic fidelity is all the rage the nation, is in a class by itself the elusive happy wind, lets listening respectfully to fall along with it.This series special edition altogether four, are this orchestra another newest devoting, it uses the fresh refined melody to guide you to be far away from this mortal world making noise, is intimate with the vast nature.The breeze, the drizzle, the insect calls the ocean waves sound which and rushes wells up, courses has not experienced the world you, the wonderful music, the comfortable sense of hearing enjoys, lets the body and mind which ties tight, releases completely.This music comes from the sounds of nature as if, from person's mind, it is summoning you, is comforting you, enables you to feel the commendable tranquil time.