Did you ever missed Me - Last Battle of Pharao

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Channel Three Berlin, Idea and Wallpaper by Frank von Falk
Music: by Ingrid Chavez, Wintersong / Spiritual Storm
(c) 2008 All Rights Reserved

This video - is only a Promo Version ( No. 1 )

Can you remember the 10 Oscar Winning Film of the century :
"The ten Commandments" from Cecil de Milles, 1956.
A three hour monumental and history Film in Cinemascope.
Every child knew the name of the prophet "MOSE" !

In the second part of that "story" Title named:
Last Battle of Pharao - Thutmosis III.- Immortal Evidence,
you can watch a totally other truth - from the sight of Moses
"half-brother, Thutmoses; a devine ruler and thinker.
The truth is a lie - and the lie is truth!

All Rights Reserved by Thutsystems (c) 2010
Channel Three Berlin ; (c) 2010
Frank von Falk (c) 2010

Musik: by Ingrid Chavez
Titles: Wintersong, Spiritual Storm
(c) 2008 All Rights Reserved

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