Sergio Valdez
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Video for competition.
The Encoding is REALLY bad, 720p Available...

8 comentarios

I know the comp is over, but gotta say this was boring. Although I did have a psycho ex girlfriend that this reminded me of...
Por shizzle544 hace 5 años
Well, that is your assumption, its fine. But i assure you, that is not the concept. Maybe its normal to confuse that ;)
Por eustrella hace 5 años
Yeah a predator, that sucks blood... and is dressed like a vampire in red and black. She has an evil look in her eyes, seduces a man... has perfect white teeth, evil grin, black hair, pale face... just like a dark vampire. -_-
Por 4gent0range hace 5 años
She is not a vampire. She is a predator, its a metaphor, pay more atention sweetie.
Por eustrella hace 5 años
Ehhh, she's a vampire? What has it to do with wolves? Again with the latex shit. Prodigy and chicks in latex do not match!
Por 4gent0range hace 5 años
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