THE PRODIGY "Run With The Wolves" (contest entry)

Gaetan Colpart
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[eng.] This music-video deals with the themes of paranoia and psychosis through an immoral hunting game. It's also a metaphor of the differents hierarchic types that our modern society is made of.
(a 'behind the scenes' webpage is available on

[fr.] Le vidéo-clip expose une interprétation de la paranoïa et de la psychose à travers un jeu de traque immoral. Il illustre également une métaphore des différents rôles et types de hiérarchie de la société contemporaine.
(un 'making-of' est visible sur

Directed by Gaetan Colpart (xWIZEx) et Julien Delille (ExP:/13)

Cast : Pamela Zagaria (Spank), Benoit Bataille (Benny), Remi Vanloot (Z@T), Thomas Allart (Kepazoid)

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Same videos like this aren't seen on a even bigger scale than this. The owner/creator should think about expanding on this idea and entering it into one those online music contests like MakeAStar. My little sister is a huge fan of the site and I've seen plenty of cool and different videos on the site and every month its updated so nothing ever seems old. I also love that you can vote for the winners every month as well as share and comment on the videos so I think it offers even more exposure.
Par belleffects il y a 3 ans
Tres bien ... ;) ,,,......
Par angelgirl25 il y a 4 ans
Waouuu, ça réveille un mort !!
Par Jérôme MIROT il y a 5 ans a fantastic video!!!
I like it tooooooo much!!!
Par yilingchuang il y a 5 ans
fantastic video!!
I like it very much!!
Par anaischagnon il y a 5 ans
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