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    Musicians Compete in St. Petersburg, Russia


    by NTDTelevision

    Music written by Bach (pron Bahk), Rimskiy-Korsokov, and modern composers can be heard at the seventh international Guitar Virtuoso competition in St. Petersburg. Participants from all over the
    world are competing in 11 categories.


    Today, small guitar ensembles are up for nomination. Participants are presenting a special program. A trio from Magnitogorsk showed-off their skills on stage. The musicians shared the benefits of playing the guitar as a group.

    [Andrai Astashov, Participant from Magnigorsk]:
    “It is difficult to convey what you are feeling in a solo, but easier as a part of a group.”

    [Andrei Antonenko, Participant from Magnigorsk]:
    “For instance, if you make a mistake, they may not notice it.”

    The competition has strict rules, especially in the classic guitar category. Some of the participants in this category experimented with different techniques.

    [Kirill Doroshkevich, Omsk Recipient of the Third Class Solo Guitar]:
    “It is a two-sided technique, when a guitar player is using the right hand to play the fingerboard. I took a risk and I'm basically happy with the result.”


    [Miroslav Simich, Judge]:
    “Nails are the best instrument for a classical guitarist, like a bow for a violinist. No mediator is necessary. A classical guitarist has five mediators. And the guitar has to be good.”

    One of the nominations included young composers who combined various instruments and styles.

    [Ivan Karyakin, Composer Nominee]:
    “We played two pieces; one was called ‘Confession’, the other – ‘Blues’. Confession of love, of course. In this piece, elements of flamenco are used, because this is the type of genre which expresses love, passion, and feelings.”

    Participants also competed in a unique category called “hand-made guitar.” A guitar made by a German master was recognized as the most prominent instrument.

    NTD, Saint Petersburg, Russia.