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    Apple Unveils Its Latest Creation


    by NTDTelevision

    Apple’s latest entry in the digital consumer world could change the way people
    access information and entertainment. The new iPad is expected to cut into the e-readership market.

    After months of anticipation and hype, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs took center stage in San Francisco and introduced the world to the iPad.

    "That's what it looks like, very thin." (applause)

    The sleek, wireless device has been compared to an oversized iPhone with its touch screen and 9.7 inch screen. Users can surf the web with their fingers. The half-inch thick tablet can run movies, books, games and other media applications. Analysts say the shocker isn't so much what it can do, it's the competitive price: $499.

    David Carnoy, executive editor of

    [David Carnoy, Executive Director,]:
    "In a lot of ways it's exactly what we expected, we expected a jumbo iPod touch, but one thing we didn't expect was that it would be priced at least to start at $499."

    Toan Tran, associate director of research, Morningstar says the competitive price puts pressure on e-readers, like the Kindle.


    [David Carnoy, Executive Director,]:
    "It's alot more versatile than the kindle device because it has color, does video, does sound, so you have a multi-media pad here."

    But Carnoy says there are some drawbacks. He says the iPad can be dropped fairly easily and possibly damage the touch screen. And at one-and-a-half pounds, he says it's a little heavy. He also believes the iPhone is still

    [David Carnoy, Executive Director,]:
    "I think its obviously a portable device but I don't think it helps you condense all your stuff quite as well as your phone


    [Carl Samet, Consumer]:
    "It's not something that attracts me. It attracts a lot of people, but its not something that excites me."


    Consumers will be soon be able to see for themselves. Apple says the iPad will be on store shelves within 60 days.