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    She Holds Me All Night Long 01172010


    by gregspencewolf

    Let Me Tell You about my girlfriend
    She's beautiful she's my best friend
    I'm gonna be her friend until the end of time
    I love it when she holds me tight
    All through the night
    I'm writing her a love song so she'll hold me all night long

    I now so many people in so many places
    Everywhere I go I see familiar faces
    I got lots of friends in those wide open spaces
    But when my day is through i wanna come back home to you

    I'm writing her a love
    Cause she holds me all night long
    Don't want to sing me no blues song
    So I ain;t gonna do my baby wrong

    There's no such thing as too many kisses
    When I'm kissing my princess all night long
    It's her kisses that I am missing
    When I spend my nights all alone

    I met her at the open mic
    she said she liked me that really psyched me up
    We ent out dancing and now we're romancing
    I'm glad that I took a chance on her
    I love it when she holds me tight all throuh the night yeah it's all right it's a delight
    It's out of sight it's dynamite
    Yeah it's allright