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    THE BOOBY TRAPPER (Censored Festival Trailer) (2010)


    by TheBoobyTrapper

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    If you like the slasher genre, and specifically, the slasher genre set in the woods. In the vein of FRIDAY THE 13TH and WRONG TURN comes.... THE BOOBY TRAPPER! With special appearances by Mike Christopher Dawn of the Dead!

    First off, great title. I mean, really... great f*cking title! With that out of the way, what is this sucker all about? Check it: Year after year, there are many people who do not come out of the woods alive. And if they happen to make it out alive, they will have a story to tell. Some run, but not fast enough. Some hide, but not good enough. Grace (Lisa Johnston) and her boyfriend Rodney (Chad Waites) are destined to fall under the Booby Trapper’s blade, but rogue cop Mike Hawk (Robert Collins) is patrolling these woods as well – seeking out the reason behind these brutal slaughters. The closer the Mike Hawk gets to catching the person responsible for these serial killings, the closer he gets to un-covering his own mysterious past.