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    Baseball Poet PHILOMENE LONG

    Harlan Steinberger

    by Harlan Steinberger

    31 views A video excerpt from the baseball poetry CD "Los Angeles Bards -- Live In Pasadena" featuring Philomene Long. Poem recited ""Marcus Aurelius at a Dodger Game: Kirk Gibson At Bat." Armed with his official lineup card, player-manager Michael C Ford, the Lou Boudreau of the LA poetry scene, introduces each of the wordsmiths as they step to the plate. Their poems cover a panoramic view of the baseball landscape, from pickup softball to the major leagues, exploring the game's inner magic and meaning and recalling its cult heroes and icons such as Ted Williams, Steve Bilko and Kirk Gibson. Also appearing inside the poets' "interior diamonds" as role players are Marcus Aurelius, Gertrude Stein and God. The sun is shining, the umpires have made their way on to the field, so, without further delay PLAY BALL!