Oh! [SNSD Girls' Generation MV]


par bebo

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At the first time listen to this song, all I think of is SHUT UP AND DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE :"| Sure about SM need new musician, who don't make people think that their song is similar with other one :"|

But, we better look at the good side :"D this song still sound so CUTE! pretty Cheerleader :")

MV SNSD 2nd album 소 녀 시 대 少 女 時 代 mv k-pop korean music snsd so nyeo shi dae nyuh girls generation sm entertainment town taeyeon tiffany sunny yuri jessica hyoyeon seohyun sooyoung yoona Girls' Generation So Nyeo Shi Dae OH oh hd full

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ohhhhh :D
Par Selena Erd Gs en avril
I Love SNSD. :D
Par melinsweety il y a 4 ans
Par bebo il y a 4 ans
OH OH OH OH^^pago sa ragné
ho ho hoho mani mani haiiii!!XD
Par MAFIAFAMILY "2NE1 ADDICTED" il y a 4 ans
superbe zik luovev girl's generation yé sasu c koi ça tu pose trop de questions en plus de celas je pige rien donc!!xd baka janéga!!
Par *-*-*{*ZARU*}*-*-* il y a 4 ans
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