Run with the Wolves -

Tuan Hong

Tuan Hong より

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Special thanks to Merimask for the incredible wolf masks:

Dupe - Akifumi Iida
Bully - Alex Moscato
Psycho - Rionne McAvoy

Director / Writer / Producer / Editor - Tuan Hong
Director of Photography / Colour - Ivan Kovac
Fight choreography - Rionne McAvoy and Tuan Hong

Music by The Prodigy

10 件のコメント

ユーザー名 beartokitty 4 年前
I love that poster shot. The only thing that could have made it better is if the wolf-man were gnawing on a human arm!
ユーザー名 misterkovax 4 年前
Just voted - 5 stars of course! Played the video a few times over, as it is one worth watching a lot. I will try and spread the word!!
ユーザー名 simon_says2010 4 年前
Yep, after the guy kills the two wolves there are three flashback sequences. The first being that he replaced the bullets of the gun with a single blank. The second reveals how he hid the key to the car and the third one shows how he shut the camera down BEFORE he reveals his face and dupes the other two wolves.

Perhaps it was a bit clumsily done, or it was just too fast, but I've noticed quite a few people have been having trouble with the flashbacks. I'll take it as a lesson for future videos.
ユーザー名 Tuan Hong 4 年前
It was shot on a red camera. We hired a post office studio for the day for just under 350 quid, which was where most of the budget went to. The 2nd floor was the beauty salon we filmed the last fight in, 2 birds 1 wolf killing stone.
ユーザー名 Tuan Hong 4 年前