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    Hitler responds to the iPad.


    by vtdainfo

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    Hitler has been dreaming about the day that Apple's tablet will be announced. That day has come and he is not pleased.

    Edit: Thanks for the support everyone! I never thought that my video would get this popular but I'm certainly glad it has. Keep spreading it and let everyone know about how fail the iPad really is!

    Edit 2: Over 50,000 views! You guys are amazing! And to the people saying there's a Bloons app, I figured there was but I don't own an iPod, iPhone or iTunes so I wouldn't know =P But it's good to know.

    Edit 3: I see people are complaining about the fading subtitles. Sorry about that! From a stylistic standpoint I thought it looked better but I can see how it'd be hard to read a few of the lines.