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    Seducing a woman How To Seduce A Woman Without Even Trying P


    by meganoneal

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    Have you ever watched one of your buddies try way too hard to seduce a woman? It's usually not a pretty sight. Most guys are nowhere near subtle when they try and seduce a woman and the funny thing is, they usually are dead right from the beginning. You have to really understand the subtle nuances to seducing a woman to get it right. Cause if you get it wrong, then you are going to be sorry when you wake up alone in the morning.

    So, how can you seduce a woman with subtlety?

    Is it even possible to seduce a woman without even trying?

    First off, subtle is the key. If you make a woman suspect or think that your only goal with her is to wake up beside her the next morning, most if not nearly all women are going to reject your advances. It's a social thing. They don't want to give off the impression that they are that kind of girl, and they don't want to get anyone talking about them.

    Women also have to