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    by watchfreemovies231

    Check out As an avid movie and television show enthusiasts I had become frustrated by trying to find the latest movies and tv shows that I wanted to watch online. I got sick of having to rush my DVDs back to the video store or face paying a fine. Plus on the weekends it is almost impossible to find the newest releases on the shelf to rent and you have to settle for some inferior film that you didn't really want to see. Yet another problem was the fact I would sometimes miss my tv shows and not have any way to find the episode so I could catch up. This can suck, especially if you're watching a serialized show like Lost or 24 where missing a week can mean confusion about what happened previously. I started to look for a solution to these issues and came across the web page TheMovieDownloads. After reading a couple of positive reviews I decided to give them a go and so far I have been quite pleased. The website claims they have over 80 million movies, tv shows and music videos online. Obviously, it is hard to get an exact number but one can find certainly hundreds of many titles available from the popular to the obscure. TheMovieDownloads has a robust search feature which I have used hundreds of times inside the couple of months I have been a member. I have always been able to find the download I wanted within a few moments, even the further obscure foreign movies that I like to watch were there ready to be downloaded. Apart from movies TheMovieDownloads also has an extensive tv shows database. I found the entire back catalogue of Lost episodes including the most recent episodes. They also have entire seasons of shows that aren't even for the air anymore so you can catch up with shows recommended to your by friends. As well as movies and tv shows TheMovieDownloads also has a ton of sports for you to download and view including the latest American Football games and UFC. Unlike some other downloads sites I checked out The Movie Downloads do not have any bandwidth or daily ...