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    Warcraft+pvp The Best Wow Guides Posted By: Travis Jenkins


    by bransonseb

    The latest WOW guides are a huge improvement over earlier guides. As many players know, the earlier WOW guides were not the easiest to use, since they came in ebook or were provided through a website. This necessitated the constant switching back and forth from the game screen to the guide, slowing down the progress and playing speed of the avid gamer.The newest game guides on the market today, also known as in-game guides, allow the player to view the guide instructions and tips within the game window. The guide often includes information such as which quest to do next, and where it is located. The best guides even include map waypoints and arrows directing the player to the next task at hand. Using these latest guides, World of Warcraft players are now able to power level at speeds that were previously unimaginable.After doing some research, two in-game guides stood out as being a cut above the rest, and they