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    Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - YOU NEVER SAID (Dash Berlin Remix)


    by Ronin

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    Rejection's like an ice cold bath
    But the water's feelin' good this time
    And I hate that I misread you boy
    But I can't resist no-crossing signs
    When you're an open invitation to a heartache
    A painful kind of good, I should just leave alone but it's too late

    I'm right back where I started out
    Not a lot to show, just memories
    But I took what I could get from you
    Now I'm off, to fill the void you see
    I got a habit I can't break, so it does all the breaking
    And a heart that's slow to heal, cause I fall for the ones who are taken

    You never said, you never said that I'm your baby
    You never said, you never said that I'm the one
    You never said you'd try, or that you'd take me or you'd leave me
    You just said goodbye, you said goodbye (x2)

    And you just kept walkin' baby
    I couldn't have stopped you if I tried
    I was such a fool to think it might have led
    To something fulfillin' baby
    And had you been willin' maybe
    I wouldn't have these thoughts runnin' through my head