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    Sandra Bernhard Feb. 11,12,13,14

    Lakeshore Theater

    by Lakeshore Theater

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    Sandra Bernhard
    The New York Times has called her, “…a living, breathing bonfire,” and even after 25 years, her flame has yet to go out. Sandra Bernhard has had quite a diversified career as a comedian, singer, actress and author.

    In 1998, Bernhard starred in a critically acclaimed Broadway hit, I’m Still Here…Damn It! and in 2001, she hosted her very own talk show on A&E aptly named, The Sandra Bernhard Experience, bringing her one woman show to television. While Bernhard is known for her antagonistic delivery on screen and on stage, she has also portrayed an introspective persona on paper including in her books, Confessions of a Pretty Lady and Love, Love, and Love.
    Sandra Bernhard appears as part of THE ART OF MELODIC COMEDY subscription package.