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    Josh Ozersky | Food Writer & Burger Expert


    by revelinnewyork

    "Burger purists have a historical cast of mind. They’re always walking around with a patriotic and antiquarian bent thinking about old-time, classic hamburgers, like the kind that was eaten by Wimpy and Jugghead. Burger purist aren’t really fit to live in this world. There’s a kind of poetic idealism to them and a sense of innocence that was lost by the American Adam." Those of the words of Josh Ozersky, aka “Mr. Cutlets” - a James Beard Award winning food writer and cultural historian, whose books include, Meat Me in Manhattan, A Carnivore’s Guide to New York, The Hamburger: A History, and Archie Bunker’s America: TV in Era of Changing Times. As the former restaurant’s editor of and editor of The Feedbag, Josh has eaten at just about every restaurant in the city, but what he knows best is meat, especially hamburgers. He knows so much about them, that some might even consider him an expert on the topic. A good burger according to Josh "deserves a kind of Shinto-like approach. Think about way the Japanese sacrilize the purity of simple objects. Look at the way they think about a piece of sashimi. That’s the way we should think about a hamburger. Because the hamburger, like sashimi, or a baked potato, or a piece of fruit on a plate, is a gastronomic end point."