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    God created the universe in 4,008,593,749,996,984B.C.

    John Wong

    by John Wong

    The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is on Monday, 22nd Feb., 2016.

    God made the first modern wise man, Adam, in 253,534B.C. and made the beast of the earth in 12,824,484B.C. and created water moving creatures & fowl in 641,371,984B.C.. God made the stars in 32,068,746,984B.C. and He made the dry land of the `Universe Sphere' & the plants, hidden in the form of `DNA' strips, in 1,603,437,496,984B.C.. God made the firmament and divided the waters in 80,171,874,996,984B.C.. In 4,008,593,749,996,984B.C., God converted `energy' into `mass' and the Universe was so created. That is, God established the universe in about four thousand and eight billion years ago. The plants, hidden in the form of `DNA' strips, exist in every planet. The `DNA' strips can be activated by suitable amount of energy, like heat, radiation, collision and earthquake, to re-gain the power of lives. The new lives will grow and reproduce if favourable living conditions are available.