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    Haitians Pray 12 Days After Earthquake


    by NTDTelevision

    Thousands of Haiti’s earthquake survivors remained in makeshift camps on Sunday in the city of Port au Prince.

    People complained they were not getting enough aid, despite a huge U.S.-led international relief campaign.

    [Homeless Woman]:
    “I am waiting for Jesus. God knows what to do with us.”

    [Maggie, Homeless Woman]:
    “We have no water, nothing, people are fighting each other for aid but we have nothing.”

    Early on Sunday morning, many joined a church service at a square near the presidential palace. The service was moved from a church to the square to accommodate more people.

    Hundreds of churches collapsed in the earthquake including the capital's cathedral.

    Many dead bodies have not been recovered from the quake and searches for live people under the rubble were dwindling.

    More than 130 people have been pulled out alive from under wrecked buildings by rescue teams from around the world.

    The magnitude-7 quake killed up to 200-thousand people, and left up to 3 million people hurt or homeless and clamoring for medical assistance, food and water in nightmarish conditions.