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    ASUS Technologies of Tomorrow


    by WebProNews

    Have you ever wondered to what extent technology might advance in the future? At CES 2010, ASUS brought a proof-of-concept display which featured the company’s context-based vision of digital life called Waveface. The exhibit revealed three concept products including Waveface Casa, Waveface Light, and Waveface Ultra.

    Waveface Casa is a large television-like display that can be used as both an entertainment center and Internet portal. A flexible cover can be placed over this product when it is not use, in order to hide everything except relevant information.

    Secondly, Waveface Light is ASUS’s concept version of a notebook that includes a touch screen. According to a press release, this device “is an interface to the cloud that can be used in a conventional screen-keyboard configuration or as a flat, single-screen tablet.”

    The third product in ASUS’s Waveface concept project is the Waveface Ultra. It provides easy access to information at any time and anywhere, making