Ken Patera vs. Red Rooster

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From Boston 11/5/88


I liked Sean Mooney alright. Lord Alfred Hayes and him were great.
the Rooster was ridiculous! I got to meet Terry Taylor a few months ago at a TNA house show. My wife and I got to get in the ring and take our pic with Kurt Angle. Kurt had the TNA tiltle and the Title from Japan at the time. We got in the ring and Rooster was there directing the line of people. I pointed him out to my brother and he heard me call him the Red Rooster. Even tho he was one of the worst WWF characters, he was still wrestled in the WWF during a great period.
I was kinda happy to see him. He took it the wrong way. LOL He got pissed at me and was trying to get us thru the line hella quick. Kurt even laughed and was teasing him.
He's still pissed about being the Red Rooster! lol
By jeffwade 4 years ago
Who thought Red Rooster was a good idea?
By TSteck160 4 years ago
Where's Lord Alfred Hayes? Why is Mooney on commentary with Rod & Superstar? Talk about upsetting your chemistry
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago