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    Gareth Emery Feat. Emma Hewitt - I WILL BE THE SAME (Garuda)


    by Ronin

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    Do you call my name, when you wake up on the floor
    Do you feel me now, but you're not quite sure
    When you turn around, do you wonder what you'll see
    I know your thoughts and see where you have been

    I will be the same
    You don't wanna be here no more
    You've opened up your eyes and you need to go
    To another place
    Though it's dark you'll reach the shore
    And time will see you find what you're looking for

    Althought time will carry on and everything will change
    You can know that I will be the same
    While the tide will take us under, when nothing else remains
    You can know that I will be the same
    I will be the same (x2)