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    "Mother; Where are you?" {Bambi}


    by Morke

    I started this MONTHS ago and only just finished it. I really liked the beginning, but I just couldn't carry that style through the entire video. So... I kinda winged it. xD I like it, but not enough for it to be my 500 subscribers video. So that one will /hopefully/ be coming out soon!

    Just the audio and movie diologue alone I think makes it a SPENDID video! ;D I'm so proud of how much I butchered it xD I seriously did! You should see it in Sony Vegas! So it's /kinda/ like the original. But not really. I'm not sure what the song is... but the file name on my computer is Sikoski? I donno if that's legit or not. But yeah.

    There isn't really one, only how much Bambi misses his mom. ♥ Poor kid.

    But YUP! What is your favorite part? ;D