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    Twang- George Strait Instructional


    by cowboy4ev2

    275 views When I get off of work on Friday after working like a dog all week I go to meet the boys for a cold one at a little joint up the street They got a jukebox in the corner full of old country tunes Feed it five dollars worth of quarters is the first thing I always do Chorus: 'Cause I need a little twang A little hillbilly bending on some guitar strings Some peddle steel whining like a whistle of an old freight train To get that foot stomping honkey tonkin' feeling going through my veins I ned a little twang, twant, twang Well, I like a lot of kinds of music I try to keep an open mind Depending on the mood to strike me If I'm gonna stay till closing time So when I wanna lift my spirits to get me feeling worth a dang I know I'm gonna have to heart it 'Cause I gotta have some Hank to hang Repeat Chorus 2x I need a little twang, twang, twang