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    Acoustic Original Called "Lazy Days" By DERV! Listen To This


    by dervmalerv

    Acoustic original song called "Lazy Days". Performed by me, Derv! Please rate, comment and subscribe. I will be coming out with a couple of songs a month so watch out for them.

    I actually wroth this acoustic original song about 2 years ago. I think it is just a fun song to play about some lazy dude with nothing to lose. Just a little funky tune to tap your toe too. My acoustic guitar has a broken tuning head so the guitar is not exactly in tune but will do. This is not an acoustic cover, this is a song I came up with on my own. Although I will come out with a few acoustic covers in the future. I am a self taught musician so I try my best. Music for me is a form of stress relief. It is a way to cut loose and have fun and not think about all the troubles that life throws our way.

    Please enjoy and tell me what you think. I am not trying for a record deal like most folks on here but if it should happen by some odd chance then thats cool, too!