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    Exotic Flower Show Attracts Tourists in Southern India


    by NTDTelevision

    Exotic flowers have attracted throngs of tourists to India’s southern Bangalore City. Here's a look at the sights and smells of the Lalbagh Botanical Garden show.

    More than a hundred thousand varieties of flowers are displayed in a special show ahead of India’s Republic Day.

    A special arrangements of roses were the central attraction at the show.

    [Katherine, Tourist from London]: (English)
    "No, I haven't seen anything like that, but it would be great to see that sort of a thing. I like all big displays of flowers where they have been put together into different shapes, it looks really great."

    Many rare flowers are also on display.

    [Ivan, Tourist from Germany]: (English)
    "It's absolutely beautiful. I had no idea…doing out here. So it was a spontaneous idea to come out and look. And I really liked it I have not been around to park yet, but I will go. Its absolutely beautifully arranged and I recognized a lot of flowers because I came from Germany but I live in England at the moment. So I recognize a lot of flowers also from Europe but then you have your own ones as well, this is really nice."

    The show is organized by the horticulture department of Karnataka twice a year - once on Independence Day and once on Republic Day.