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    North Korea May Return to Disarmament Talks


    by NTDTelevision

    North Korea is expected to return to the table on nuclear disarmament talks. South Korea's foreign minister says he expects the six-party-talks to resume in mid February.

    International talks may resume for ending North Korea's nuclear arms program. This time South Korea wants them to be without Pyongyang attaching conditions to the return of talks.

    [Yu Myung-hwan, South Korean Foreign Minister]: (Korean, male)
    "I expect that the six party talks would resume soon, around the time of Lunar New Year."

    North Korea has signaled it could end its year-long boycott of the talks with the South, the U.S., Japan, Russia and China. But first it wants U.N. sanctions lifted and direct discussions for a peace deal with Washington.

    Analysts say the North is trying to win concessions by attaching conditions and making threats to rattle security in the region.

    Analysts also say North Korea may be forced to make conciliatory moves. The country’s broken economy was hit by fresh U.N. sanctions imposed after its second nuclear test in May last year.