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    2010-01-23 yourdailyjingle presents: BB is Coming to Town

    Brian King

    by Brian King

    Important: Watch the video before reading this! . . . . So hopefully you actually heeded this warning, wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for you ;-) Andrew and Noelle Brown are making a baby! Technically, I guess Andrew's done his main part, so the baby's incubating inside Noelle's belly at this very minute! She's 12 weeks along which means little Baby "BB" Brown will be making his/her grand entrance around August 3rd. So exciting! If you want lend a helping hand, I hear Noelle's been craving supreme pizza like it's going out of style. Now would be a great time to start speaking in high voices to Noelle's belly and offering name advice. They didn't tell me that last part specifically, but I know them quite well. When you see them, tell little BB that Brian says hi! Lyrics Let me tell you 'bout a story with Andrew And a fine lady named Noelle They'd been married for almost six years And things were going quite well... however They had each other But they felt like something's missing So one looked at the other And started kissing And yada yada yada... Although that night of passion Just twelve weeks ago this day You might not know by looking yet They're worlds have changed In just a few months Near August third Their eyes will be on the sky Looking for that great bird Flying into town And swooping down with Baby Brown Oh Baby Brown is coming to town