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    Does COOL-ER Pose Threat for Kindle?


    by WebProNews

    Last May, British company Interead launched their own e-reader, COOL-ER. This year at CES, the company unveiled 2 new versions of their e-reader that will hit the market this year.

    The first is the COOL-ER Compact that includes a 6″ screen and 2 GB of onboard memory. The second is the COOL-ER Connect, which has a 7″ screen and Wi-Fi. These e-readers are both PC and MAC compatible.

    What sets COOL-ER apart from Amazon’s Kindle? According to Phil Wood, the Marketing Director at Interead, COOL-ER is more cost-effective since Kindle users must purchase books from Amazon. Interead offers their own e-book store and on their site refers to itself as “the largest ebook store in the world with 2 million titles available – all at least 20% less than the recommended retail price.”

    COOL-ER is currently offered in 8 different languages and 8 different color options. The 2 new versions of the e-reader are expected to be available by the end of Q1.