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    “The Tenor was Especially Adored..." - Former Broadway Perfo


    by NTDTelevision

    Shen Yun Performing Arts show at the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis on Tuesday left one former Broadway performer feeling "excited."

    [Debra Pan, Former Broadway Performer]:

    "Watching this performance today, I feel very excited, very excited."

    Ms. Pan says the rest of the audience was also moved.

    [Debra Pan, Former Broadway Performer]:

    “Coming out from the shows, the audience was very excited.”

    Ms. Pan says the reaction to the tenor was memorable.

    [Debra Pan, Former Broadway Performer]:

    “The tenor was especially adored by the audience. People kept on shouting ‘encore.’ It seemed like he couldn’t get off the stage.”

    Shen Yun's dancers are accompanied by a 20+ member live orchestra, with both Western and Chinese instruments.

    [Debra Pan, Former Broadway Performer]:

    “I think the Shen Yun music we heard today brought such vitality to the whole atmosphere. I don't know how many people are playing in the live orchestra, but I think however many, the effect is great.”

    NTD News, Memphis.