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GEVELOT EXTRUSION is one of the European leaders for the manufacture of cold forged parts for the automobile industry. These parts, weighing from 20g to 15kg, are produced using automated transfer presses or robot-operated single station presses.

GEVELOT EXTRUSION has 3 factories set up in France : Laval (Mayenne 53), Toucy (Yonne 89) et Offranville (Seine Maritime 76) and 1 in Germany in Dold Vöhrenbach with an Engineering and Development Centre in Laval.

Special features of Laval plant :
Parts weighing from 25g to 1Kg,
Pinions for gear box differentials (sun gears and planet gears),
Parts for suspension systems (brake pistons, stub axles),
Parts for steering systems (spiders, lock sleeves, slides, yokes),
Parts for transmission (inner races, tripods),
Parts for starters (pinions, sleeves).

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