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    Day in the Life: Erica Hosseini



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    She said "coffee, so I can have some multiples" in my case that would be multiple orgasm, for her multiple is those "waves." hehe, must be nice to have her easy as shit life! Cute girl! Don't blame her one bit! If I could surf and looked like her, I probably would do alot of just playtime!
    By Joysquirt6 years ago
    By bogs1236 years ago
    WOW. what a nice girl. This is the kind of girl I always wanted to find but they are just not around or anywhere to be found !
    By Debroux-Leftman6 years ago
    Cute girl, but man she is boring. That was one of the most boring videos I've ever seen.
    By phylum6 years ago
    Old Fox
    Okay, so how does this PRO-surfer earn a living in a day like this? This is the way to spend a day in the life of a BUM!

    I'm sort of more interested in the NIGHTS of this 22-year-old, independently wealthy, blonde, gorgeosity than just her daytime activities blogging, surfing, and biking around the hood. Oh well, I wish her every happiness in the world.
    By Old Fox6 years ago