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    "The Pianist was Dazzling" - Musician on Shen Yun in Montrea


    by NTDTelevision

    Shen Yun Performing Arts' shows at the Place des Arts in Montreal, Canada, left oboist Marcia Gacesa impressed by the Shen Yun Orchestra’s integration.

    [Ms. Gacesa, Professional Oboe Player]:
    “I especially liked the way the instruments were integrated together. The traditional Chinese instruments and the western instruments.”

    [Ms. Nicolescu, Music Composer]:
    “It’s very impressive and surprising.”

    [Ms. Rozario, Pianist and Soprano]:
    “For me, I loved the soprano. I feel closer to them because I also sing soprano, and I was just amazed by the quality of their voices and their depth. I found them very, very good. And my god, the pianist was dazzling-I loved her.”

    Aniko Deczkey-Hill, a microbiology professor, says the grace of the performance left an impression on her.

    [Aniko Deczkey-Hill, MD, Moleuclar Biologist]:
    “What struck me was the grace and nobility, that often you don’t get out of today’s China.”

    NTD News, Montreal, Canada.