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    Fernwood Cove is actually a great all girls camp in Harrison, Maine. Happily traditional but ,on the other hand, modeled on present day young lady, Fernwood Cove offers an great camp.

    Fernwood Cove girls develop strong friendships and a life-time love of the outdoors. The two summer time sessions provide high-quality, skill-based instruction in a variety of traditional outdoor activities along with plenty of enjoyment from start to finish.

    Fernwood Cove hires co-ed personnel who come from all around the US in addition to numerous countries around the world.

    "We go to Fernwood Cove because the camp frees your spirit, because the air tastes like magic, because we know that next years going to be even better. Why would someone have so much passion in a place you only spend about 3 weeks at every year? We go because we love it!!
    Fernwood Cove Senior 2007

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